On Vacation

Finland is a strange exception in the north. I’m not quite sure how we ended up here between the Vikings and the Russians. Our surroundings reflect our identity, which is often described as quiet and modest, and most importantly it reflects back to the people. This melancholic state of mind is our strong point, a thing that most of the Finnish people have been ashamed of. I’m proud to be Finnish although I feel I'm quite a stereotypical mute Finn. 

This project is about the nine months that Finland is closed. People are hiding in their warm nests and have abandoned the stages where they perform their holiday rituals. In many of the places where I travelled to make pictures I encountered strong emotions trough the memories that these places brought in to my mind. There is something really magical in bleak summer cities like Hanko or Naantali. I could still sense the presence of loud voices of tourists and the smell of summer. These ritual landscapes continue their life when we are away.  The absence brings up memories and layers that are left alive in these deserted places, when these spots go on vacation. 

Wasalandia, Vaasa
Rocket, Espoo
Wasalandia, Vaasa
On Vacation Book by Edition Patrick Frey
Watter slide at Yyteri beach, Pori
Moominworld, Naantali

Allotment gardens, Helsinki
Samppalinna outdoor swimming pool, Turku
Bikini bar in Yyteri beach,  Pori

Skatepark, Veikkola
Sports ground, Rauma
Boat, Lahti
Beach Club, Lahnajärvi
Sports ground